Facial Treatments



FaceTite is a new procedure that is comparable to a surgical facelift, without the scars. FaceTite provides dramatic improvement in skin laxity on the face and neck, which was previously only attainable through a surgical procedure such as a facelift. FaceTite utilizes minimally invasive radio-frequency energy to melt fat and tighten skin.


Skin Rejuvenation


A non-invasive skin procedure that involves using a medical grade blade to exfoliate the surface of your skin, while also removing small, fine hairs.

Hydrafacial MD

HydraFacial is a 3 step facial that cleanses, hydrates, and exfoliates.  At Aesthetics Med Spa, we use medical grade serums and boosters to give you glowing skin.

HydraFacial uses a unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin, and, the spiral design delivers painless extractions.


Using patented oxygenated technology and active ingredients, Geneo™️ works on the inside and outside of the skin to promote natural skin oxygenation and provide solutions for all your skincare concerns. 

Immediate, long-lasting results and no downtime required. 

VI Peels

The uniquely formulated VI Peel treatments are designed to lift pigment, remove sun damage, alleviate acne and scarring, and fight fine lines and wrinkles. All our painless medium-depth VI Peels are safe for all skin types and tones with results in as little as 7 days!

AlphaRet Peels

Improves overall appearance of skin tone and texture for patients with mild photodamage.

Microneedling and 

RF Microneedling


Microneedling is a manual collagen induction treatment that uses “micro” needles to create tiny, controlled skin injuries to kickstart your skin’s natural healing processes. This causes  your skin to create more collagen and elastin—the fibers responsible for your skin’s structure! This has a clearing and rejuvenating effect on your skin: smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and also improving skin laxity.

RF Microneedling with Secret RF

Collagen induction through microneedling combined with radiofrequency. At Aesthetics Med Spa, we go one step further by combining microneedling with the power of radiofrequency for even better regenerative benefits. Thermal energy from radiofrequency and microneedles work together to help your skin rejuvenate even more.  RF Microneedling improves:

  • Texture

  • Acne or trauma scars

  • Skin laxity

  • Stretch marks

BBL and BBL Hero


Light energy delivered by the BBL®  stimulates your skin cells to regenerate  and restore your skin. BBL is best known for treating pigment and vascular conditions, acne, hair removal and the visible changes associated with aging skin.

BBL Hero

BBL, or BroadBand Light™, HERO is the next generation of phototherapy, which improves, pigment, redness, and overall skin quality anywhere on the body, including visible signs of aging, sun damage, acne and more. This impressive treatment utilizes pulses of light energy to gently heat the skin’s surface. This process induces the body’s natural healing process for improved elastin and collagen production—leaving you luminously glowing with continued improvement over time!

Forever Young BBL

The Forever Young® BBL® treatment is like receiving three treatments in one. Going deep within your skin, it addresses the visible signs of aging, such as pigmentation and redness and also improves the tone and textural changes of your skin associated with aging.

For truly lasting results, Forever Young BBL should be incorporated into an ongoing treatment regimen.

Forever Clear

Get Clear...Clear for acne and discoloration.

Forever Clear™ takes a multi-step approach to combating acne:

1. Starting at the root cause, it eliminates acne-causing bacteria

2. Treats and reduces redness and hyper- pigmentation left from breakouts

3. Boosts the healing process for more radiant and healthy-looking skin


A Gentle Approach to Radiant Skin

Lighten, Brighten and Refresh with Moxi™!

Moxi is the latest way to REVITALIZE AND REFRESH your skin’s appearance by correcting uneven pigmentation and improving tone and texture. 


Moxi comfortably delivers non-ablative laser energy to revitalize your skin by correcting the initial signs of sun damage and aging, no matter the season or your skin type. You’ll love the fact that this lunchtime procedure can fit into your active lifestyle any time of year and addresses the following:

  • Sun damage

  • Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Uneven pigmentation

  • Melasma

  • Signs of aging

  • Enlarged pores


People of all skin types can combat the signs of aging year-round. 


What makes Moxi and BBL such a special pairing? 

Moxi delivers fractionated laser energy to create micro-coagulation zones which the body then repairs, replacing damaged cells with fresh new ones. Moxi is designed to provide tonal and textural improvements to your face with low downtime, resulting in skin renewal.


BBL uses the power of light to target the pigment within the skin — but not just any light. It  uses the world’s most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL), called BBL HERO. It is the fastest way to treat pigment, sun damage and troublesome age spots anywhere on your body.


Together, these two treatments provide total body skin revitalization within minutes, and with little to no downtime. 



Reduce skin laxity with our age-defying SkinTyte in Lansing

Your skin’s structure depends on collagen and elastin, two fibers to give your skin firmness. Unfortunately, as you age, your body produces less of these two fibers, giving way to gravity and making skin sag. Skin laxity can also occur from rapid weight loss, where skin doesn’t quite catch up to the smaller amount of volume. Ready for a non-surgical solution? 


SkinTyte in Lansing at Aesthetics Med Spa is a fantastic alternative to surgery to tighten skin. Using broad band light (BBL), SkinTyte heats dermal collagen, causing it to contract and trigger the natural healing response. This results in renewed, firmer skin that looks and feels more youthful. 

Laser Hair Removal

Forever Bare

Take hair removal to the next level.  Hair removal that is faster, safer, and more comfortable than traditional treatments.

Unlike traditional hair reduction devices that apply energy one pulse at a time, Forever Bare™ BBL uses motion technology to deliver a low fluence in multiple pulses, protecting the skin while progressively raising the follicle temperature to the optimal level for hair removal.

Re-engineered cooling enables constant motion treatments without allowing its crystal temperature to fluctuate. This produces better, more consistent results.

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