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Body Conditions

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Unwanted Body Fat

Certain fat may never go away, no matter how much you diet and exercise. Some people are genetically predisposed to fat accumulation in specific, pesky areas.   We have two treatment options to get rid of unwanted fat

truSculpt iD

With our truSculpt iD treatment, you can permanently reduce those stubborn pockets of fat! truSculpt iD treats 3 of the most common, hard-to-tone areas: the abdomen, flanks, and under the chin. It works by specifically targeting fat and heating and damaging fat cells, causing your body to break fat down and eliminate it over the next 12 weeks. On average, patients can achieve 24% fat reduction in the treatment area.  There is almost no downtime with this non invasive treatment and the treatment takes only 15 minutes!


BodyTite is a minimally invasive body contouring procedure delivering results previously only achieved through more excisional surgical procedures. Bodytite, powered by directional radiofrequency (RF), provides contraction of the dermis, subdermal connective tissue, and adipose tissue coagulation - Bodytite not only permanently destroys fat, but tightens the skin as well.

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